Renewable energy

Our customers want clean energy at an affordable cost. We believe that affordability and sustainability can and must go hand in hand.

That's why we're continuing to:

  • Add significant new wind, solar and storage resources to our system to serve customers.
  • Collaborate with others to evaluate regional market solutions. 
  • Expanding our transmission network to enable more clean energy.

Integrated Resource Plan

Our 2021 Integrated Resource Plan accelerates a clean energy future by leveraging the abundant diversity of resources that are available across our multi-state transmission network. The plan continues our growth into a grid powered by clean energy resources, including wind, solar, storage, advanced nuclear, battery and pumped hydro storage, demand response and energy efficiency programs. The plan results in a 69% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2030.

The current plan builds on extensive work the company has completed in recent years, including its Energy Vision 2020 wind power and transmission projects, and its most recent Request for Proposals.

Energy Vision 2020

Through our Energy Vision 2020 program, we've more than doubled our wind energy production and constructed a key segment of the Energy Gateway transmission projects. The $3.1 billion program began in 2017 including:

  • Four new wind projects located in Wyoming: Cedar Springs 1, Cedar Springs 2; Ekola Flats; TB Flats, totaling 1,150 megawatts of new generating capability.
  • Re-powering nearly all of the company’s existing wind fleet located in Wyoming, Washington and Oregon, which involved installing new larger state-of-the-art nacelles and blades—increasing the output and useful life of about 1,000 megawatts of existing generating capability from the same wind source.
  • Construction of 140-miles of new high voltage transmission from the newly built Aeolus substation near Medicine Bow, Wyoming, to the new Anticline substation near the Jim Bridger power plant east of Rock Springs, Wyoming. The new transmission eliminates existing constraints, connects the new generation resources to customers and enhances network reliability with deployment of advanced voltage control technology.

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