Naples Substation and transmission upgrade

Project overview

The Uintah Basin area is growing and so is the customer need for electricity. This project will improve service for existing customers and provide for the growing demand for electricity in this area. The upgrade will increase the electrical system’s capacity to deliver energy to the Uintah Basin area.

These investments are critical to provide sufficient energy supplies for customers today and in the future, by improving system reliability and operational flexibility.

About the project

Rocky Mountain Power plans to build a new substation on a property the company purchased for this purpose in 1986, located at 3500 South and State Highway 45. The transmission line will follow an existing distribution line on the south side of 3500 South east to State Hwy 40 then follow Hwy 40 to the WAPA substation near Hwy 40 and 3100 E connecting to the Western Area Power Administration Substation. This new line and substation will increase local electric capability and provide for alternate paths for continued service during maintenance and severe weather.

Project timeline

  • Construction begins – April/May 2019
  • In-service date – December 2019

Additional information about the project

Naples Substation and Transmission Upgrade fact sheet


If you have any questions, please call 801-220-4221 or email us at Please be sure to include the project name – "Naples Substation" – in your inquiry.


Updated July 11, 2018