Supplier diversity

PacifiCorp is committed to promoting diversity and economic development in the communities we serve. One way of demonstrating this is by doing an increasing amount of business with minority-owned, women-owned, disabled veteran-owned, LGBT-owned and emerging small business enterprises (MWDVLGBTESB) suppliers. PacifiCorp recognizes that these businesses are vitally important to the overall success of our company.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive procurement process that is accessible and fair to all suppliers based on their ability to meet the company's performance, price and quality requirements. Our employees are responsible for identifying, qualifying, selecting and managing the procurement process for goods and services to assure that qualified diverse suppliers are appropriately included. Our employees must comply fully with all company policies and practices relating to the inclusion of diverse suppliers.

We also strongly encourage our prime contractors and major suppliers to support supplier diversity by creating a competitive procurement process that provides opportunities to the greatest extent possible for diverse supplier sub-contractors and businesses.

Excellence in supplier diversity will lead to excellence in supply chain management while providing opportunities for success to a wide and diverse range of businesses in the communities we serve.

Our commitment is to:

  • Actively and routinely, seek out qualified minority-owned, women-owned, disabled veteran-owned, LGBT-owned and small business enterprises that can provide competitive and high-quality commodities and services in a competitive market.
  • Encourage participation and support of supplier diversity by major suppliers to PacifiCorp who are not minority-owned, women-owned, disabled veteran-owned, LGBT-owned and small business.
  • Seek out opportunities to assist in the development and competitiveness of diversity suppliers through instruction, mentoring, and other outreach activities.

To begin the process of becoming a registered vendor, complete the registration form. If you have questions, please email us.

For suppliers doing business in California, General Order 156 requires all diversity suppliers to register with the California Public Utilities Commission sponsored California Clearinghouse.