Lewis River hunting access

PacifiCorp, per federal licenses for the Lewis River Hydroelectric Projects, owns over 15,000 acres within the Lewis River basin that are managed under a Wildlife Habitat Management Plan (WHMP). The goal of the plan is to provide and protect habitat that will benefit a broad range of wildlife, fish and native plant species.

Almost all of the WHMP land is open to hunting, however to ensure the safety of our operational and recreation facilities, there are some designated areas closed to hunting. In addition to these closed areas, PacifiCorp has designated the Hamm Meadows (Yale) area as archery only due to the proximity of neighboring homes.

You can view an overview map of the entire area and  detailed maps of each closed area, including Hamm Meadows.

All PacifiCorp lands are open to the public and may be accessed by hiking, biking (non-motorized), or on horseback. All unauthorized motorized vehicle use is prohibited. When parking at a gate please allow for passage of large utility equipment vehicles at all times. If you have further questions or comments, please contact us by email at recreation@pacificorp.com or by phone at 503-813-6666.

Remember, hunting on private lands is a privilege and, as with all hunting activities, rules and prohibitions are enforced by state game agents and local law enforcement.