2019C Request for Proposal

This 2019C Request for Proposals for capacity and energy supply (2019C RFP) is seeking cost-competitive bids sourced from all generating resources types, whether existing or yet-to-be constructed, capable of delivering unit firm capacity and energy to PacifiCorp’s East or West balancing area (“PACE” or “PACW”).

Product: Product means i) unit firm energy and capacity from a physical resource with WSPP Schedule C resupply at a mutually agreed delivery point to the extent the unit does not deliver the full quantity or ii) a unit-contingent tolling agreement. PacifiCorp will also consider hydro resources, subject to certain outage limitations. Preference will be given to dispatchable resources. The minimum proposal size is 25.0 megawatts (“MW”). This RFP seeks contracts for less than five (5) years of varying contract lengths beginning November 2019 through December 2025.  PacifiCorp will consider pricing proposals from Bidders that include, but are not limited to, the following structures:

  • Fixed capacity and energy price (one price for multiple months regardless of contract quantity offered);
  • Defined variable capacity and energy price (prices and/or quantity varies depending on month);
  • Physical tolling arrangements (PacifiCorp supplies the fuel),
  • Virtual tolling arrangements (PacifiCorp does not supply the fuel)

Bid Types: PacifiCorp will only accept proposals for unit firm power purchase agreements (“PPAs”) with WSPP Schedule C resupply at a mutually agreed delivery point to the extent the unit does not deliver the full quantity and tolling agreements. Proposals must be capable of providing physical capacity and energy with all electric power and ancillary services backed by a discrete generating resource(s). PacifiCorp is seeking pricing at the generating resources’ point of interconnection. PacifiCorp will evaluate the cost and availability of transmission to carry the energy to PacifiCorp’s load. If the Bidder has already secured firm transmission rights into PACE or PACW, the Bidder may offer and include such transmission rights in their proposal.

Bidder Conference: A bidder conference will be held via teleconference (zoom meeting) on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. The bidder conference is scheduled for two (2) hours.


Zoom Meeting




June 11, 2019


2:00 pm Pacific




1- 646-558-8656, or 1-669-900-6833: meeting ID: 431 696 842

Communications: Questions and Communications with PacifiCorp can be emailed directly to: RFPMarket@pacificorp.com

Schedule: The schedule for the 2019C RFP is shown below:



PacifiCorp Issuance of 2019C RFP

June 4, 2019

Bidder Conference

June 11, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. PPT

Offers due to PacifiCorp

June 25, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. PPT

Initial Bid Evaluation Complete; Short List Selection

July 30, 2019

Final Awards

August 30, 2019