2020 All-Source RFP main document and appendices

Main Document

Appendices A-N (No A-7)

App A-7 Owner Standards and Specifications for BTAs

A-7.01 Attachment 1A - Project Document Formatting and Requirements

A-7.02 Attachment 1B - Document Deliverables

A-7.03 - General Auto CAD Drafting Standards

A-7.04.1 - EBU PX-S01/S01A Substation Equipment Power Transformer

A-7.04.2 - EBU PX-S02 Substation Equipment Collector Substation Main Power

A-7.04.3 - ZS-102 Two-Winding Distribution Transformer Specification

A-7.05 - EBU SI-S04 Electrical Equipment Insulating Oil

A-7.06 - EBU SI-S02 Wind, Ice, and Seismic Withstand

A-7.07 - EBU SI-S03 Contaminated Environment Protection

A-7.08 - Transformer, Oil-Filled Reactor and 3Phase Regulator Installation Procedure

A-7.09 - TD 051 Danger Sign

A-7.10.1 - Fence Application and Construction

A-7.10.2 - Chain Link Fencing and Gates

A-7.10.3 - Cantilever Slide Gate

A-7.11 - Substation Grounding

A-7.12 - Protective Relaying Requirements for New Plants

A-7.13 - Arc Flash Requirements for New Plants

A-7.14 - Current Transformer (CT) and Potentional Transformer (PT) Insulation Integrity Test

A-7.15 - Protective Relay Maintenance and Testing

A-7.16 - Relay Testing and Commissioning Checklist

A-7.17 - Relay Installation Procedure

A-7.18 - Current Transformer Installation Procedure

A-7.19 - Current Transformer Installation Form

A-7.20 - Substation High-Voltage Warning Signs

A-7.21 - Substation_Equipment_Installation

A-7.22.1 - Bird and Animal Protection for Miscellaneous Equipment

A-7.22.2 - Bird and Animal Protection - General Information

A-7.22.3 - Bird and Animal Protection - General Installation Instructions

A-7.23 Volume 8 - Consultant Drafting Procedures and Standards