2019R Utah RFP main document and appendices

Main Documents

2019R Utah RFP Main Document – March 18, 2019


RFP 2019R Utah RFP APPENDICES A-N Main Document

RFP App A-1 Overview of Appendices

RFP App A-2 Interconnection Agreement

RFP App A-3 Permit Matrix


RFP App A-5 Project Single Line Drawings and Layouts

RFP App A-6 Division of Responsibilities

RFP App A-8 Performance Summary Report

RFP App A-9 (Solar) Product Data Equipment Supply Matrix

RFP App A-9 (Wind) Product Data Equipment Supply Matrix

RFP App A-10 Plant Performance Guarantee Solar

RFP App C Bid Summary and Pricing Input Sheet (Instructions for PPA)

RFP App E-1 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Instructions to Bidders

RFP App E-2a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Documents (Wind)

RFP App E-2b Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Documents (Solar)

RFP App F-1 BTA Instructions to Bidders

2019R UTAH RFP - Questions and Answers - April 19, 2019

RFP App F-2 Build Transfer Agreement (BTA) Contract and Appendices

RFP F-2a BTA Contract

RFP F-2b CCMA Term Sheet

RFP F-2c SMA Term Sheet

RFP F-2d Solar EPC Contract

RFP F-2e Solar OM Term Sheet

RFP F-2f TSA Term Sheet

RFP F-2g Wind BOP EPC Contract

RFP App A-7 Owner Standards and Specs

A-7.01 Attachment 1A - Project Document Formatting and Requirements

A-7.02 Attachment 1B - Document Deliverables

A-7.03 - Computer Aided Design Drafting Standards 9A

A-7.03.b - Volume 8 Consultant Drafting Procedures and Standards (For Engineering Drawings)

A-7.04.1 MS-ZS-001-001A Substation Equipment-Power Transformer All Ratings

A-7.04.2 ZS-102 Two-Winding Dist Transformer Specification

A-7.05 MS ZS 061 Electrical Equipment-Insulating Oil

A-7.06 MS ZS 065 Wind Ice and Seismic Withstand

A-7.07 MS ZS 066 Contaminated-Environment Protection

A-7.08 SP-TRF-INST Transformer Installation Procedure

A-7.09 Asset Management Form 006F

A-7.10.1 Part 6B.5 Fence

A-7.10.2 Section 02810 Chain Link Fencing and Gates

A-7.10.3 Section 02815 Cantilever Slide Gate

A-7.11 Part 6B.6 Substation Grounding

A-7.12 GEN-ENG-RELAY-0001 Protective Relaying Requirements for New Plants

A-7.13 GEN-ENG-RELAY-0002 Arc Flash Requirements for New Plants

A-7.14 GEN-ENG-RELAY-0003 CT and PT testing procedure

A-7.15 GEN-ENG-RELAY-1003 - PRC 005

A-7.16 Relay Testing and Commissioning Checklist

A-7.17 Relay Installation Procedure GPCP-EQPMNT-INST

A-7.18 Current Transformer Installation Procedure GPCP-CT-INST

A-7.19 Current Transformer GPCF-CT-INST (FORM)

A-7.20 SG001Substation High-Voltage Signs

A-7.21 Transformer Commissioning Requirements

A-7.22 SV251 Bird and Animal Protection for Miscellaneous Equipment

A-7.23 TD051 Danger Sign