Bear River

The 77-megawatt (MW) Bear River Project (FERC No. 20) is located in Southeast Idaho in Caribou and Franklin Counties, and is partially located on United States lands administered by BLM.

The Bear River Project is largely dependent on the Bear Lake Irrigation Project to pump water from Bear Lake into the lower river during the irrigation season. During drought years the Bear River Project may generate at less than full capacity due to lack of water in the river. 

More information about the Bear River Project

Annual reports

Review annual reports for the Bear River Project, which provide a summary of license implemenatation and compliance

Environmental Coordination Committee

Review agendas, handouts, notes and forms for the Environmental Coordination Committee. The ECC is a stakeholder group that consults and makes decisions regarding funding and license requirements for the Bear River Project. 

Project documents

Review documents including ECC final documents that cover topics such as Black Canyon, Bonneville Cutthroat Trout, implementation plans, land management and water quality studies. 

Project contact

Bear River Hydroelectric Project Administration Office
822 Grace Power Plant Road
Grace, ID 83241
(208) 852-5500