2017R RFP documents and appendices

Main Documents

2017R RFP Main Document – September 27, 2017


RFP 2017R APPENDICES A-O Main Document

RFP App A-1 Overview of Appendices

RFP App A-2 Interconnection Agreement

RFP App A-3 Permit Matrix

RFP App A-4 Interconnection Agreement (NOT USED)

RFP App A-5 Project Single Line Drawings and Layouts

RFP App A-6 Division of Responsibilities

RFP App A-8 Performance Summary Report

RFP App A-9 Product Data Equipment Supply Matrix

RFP App C Bid Summary

RFP App K O and M Services Contract Final

RFP App A Tech Specs

Appendix A.1 (Wind) - Scope of Work (PPA or BTA)

Appendix A.2 (Wind) - Definitions (PPA or BTA)

Appendix A.3 (Wind) - Work Specifications (PPA or BTA)

RFP App A-7 Owner Standards and Specs

A-7.01 Attachment 1A - Project Document Formatting and Requirements

A-7.02 Attachment 1B - Document Deliverables

A-7.03 - Computer Aided Design Drafting Standards 9A

A-7.04.1 PXS02-S02A Substation Equipment - Collector Substation Main Power

A-7.04.02 ZS-102 Two Winding Distribution Transformer Inverter Step-Up Liquid-Immersed

A-7.05 EBU SI-S04 Electrical Equipment Insolating Oil

A-7.06 EBU SI-S02 Wind Ice and Seismic Withstand

A-7.07 EBU SI-S03 Contaminated Environment Protection

A-7.08 SP-TRF-INST Transformer Installation Procedure

A-7.09 Asset Management Form 006F

A-7.10.1 Part 6B.5 Fence

A-7.11 Part 6B.6 Substation Grounding

A-7.12 GEN-ENG-RELAY-0001 Protective Relaying Requirements for New Plants

A-7.13 GEN-ENG-RELAY-0002 Arc Flash Requirements for New Plants rev 5

A-7.14 GEN-ENG-RELAY-0003 CT and PT testing procedure

A-7.15 GEN-ENG-RELAY-1003 - PRC 005

A-7.16 Relay Testing and Commissioning Checklist

A-7.17 Relay Installation Procedure GPCP-EQPMNT-INST

A-7.18 Current Transformer Installation Procedure GPCP-CT-INST

A-7.19 Current Transformer GPCF-CT-INST (FORM)

A-7.20 SG001Substation High-Voltage Signs

A-7.21 Specification for Substation Equipment Installation Testing Commissioning

A-7.22 SV002 Bird and Animal Protection - General Installation Instructions

A-7.23 SV251 Bird and Animal Protection for Miscellaneous Equipment

A-7.24 TD051 Danger Sign


PPA Exhibit 4.6(1) Form of Green Tag Attestation and Bill of Sale

PPA Exhibit 4.6(2) PacifiCorp Master QRE Agreement

PPA Exhibit 8.4.1 Form of Subordinated Mortgage

PPA Exhibit 11.4 Form of Memorandum of Power Purchase Agreement

PPA Exhibit D Form of Parent Guaranty

RFP 2017R RFP App E-2 Wyoming Wind PPA


2017R RFP - BTA (Build Transfer Agreement)

BTA - Appendices A-BB